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SSCC Group Photo
SSCC_50th_Anniversary_Group_PhotoWe had a great turnout for the 50th group photo., Forty nine Corvettes, over 80 members and a beautiful day lent to the making of a memorable photo. A very big thank you need to go out to the members for their patience during the setup of the photo. Also, a big thanks to all those that helped with the logistics of arranging the Vettes and the people. More photos are here.

Photo by Harry Kutzy
Photo by Harry Kutzy
  • default_title50 year logoLittle did the founders of the South Shore Corvette Club know when they got together for their first meeting that the club would flourish for fifty years. They were just looking for some other guys to hang around with that also owned Corvettes. The Corvette was still in its infancy in 1962, not even in production for 10 years.

    The club was founded the at the end of the original Corvette model run. Launched in 1953 with a six cylinder engine and automatic transmission, the Corvette was almost canceled. Only because of the introduction of the 1955 Thunderbird by Ford did the Corvette live on. People in high places in GM could not let the Corvette die and Ford win.
  • default_titleThis SSCC has been in existence during all six of the Corvette iterations. The original solid rear axel Vettes built from 1953 through 1962. The Stingray, considered by many to be the quintessential Corvette that was built from 1963 through 1967. The Sharks, patterned after the famous Mako Shark Corvette show car. These were built from 1968 and ended production in 1982. The fourth generation Corvette, appearing in late 1983 as a 1984 model and continued until 1996. The C5 Corvette arrived in 1997 and finally brought the Corvette to world class standards of comfort and build quality. In 2005, the C6 debuted and is the current model, scheduled to be replaced by the seventh generation in 2014, sixty one years after the first Corvette was hand built in Flint, MI.

    The South Shore Corvette Club will be active and waiting to celebrate the release of the C7 Corvette and all the models that follow. All of the current members would like to thank the founding members for their insight to create and nurture a club that has continued to bring camaraderie, knowledge and pleasure to hundreds of members both past and present.

    1962, what was going on in the World?
    Fifty years ago when the South Shore Corvette Club was founded, the New York Yankees defeated the San Francisco Giants (4-3) in the World Series.
    In the NBA Championship the Boston Celtics defeated the L.A. Lakers (4-3). The Kentucky Derby was won by Decidedly. Marilyn Monroe died of a drug overdose at age 36. The first transatlantic television transmission occurs via the Telstar Satellite, making worldwide television and cable networks a reality. I think Telstar was the only satellite that ever had a song written about it.
    The 1962 Academy Awards saw Oscars go to
    West Side Story for Best Picture. Best Actor went to Maximilian Schell, Judgment at Nuremberg. Best Supporting Actor went to George Chakiris in West Side Story. Sophia Loren recieved an Oscar for Best Actress for her role in Two Women. Best Supporting Actress was Rita Moreno in West Side Story and Best Director went to Robert Wise and Jerome Robbins for West Side Story.

    The Music of 1962
    The one thing that stays with us the most is the music. Here are the top 10 songs of 1962.

    Mr. Acker Bilk
    Stranger On The Shore
    Ray Charles
    I Can't Stop Loving You
    Dee Dee Sharp
    Mashed Potato Time
    Bobby Vinton
    Roses Are Red
    David Rose
    The Stripper
    Shelley Fabares
    Johnny Angel
    Little Eva
    The Loco-Motion
    Let Me In
    Chubby Checker
    The Twist
    Soldier Boy

    If you want to see all the Billboard Top 100 Singles, click here.
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